Lupawsko dom wypoczynkowy

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charming placeactive rest

?upawsko is a charming, pre-war house located in a small village holiday resort in the center of Kashubian Landscape Park, 20 km from the city Bytów.

Visiting ?upawsku a bike, quad, horse and hiking

?upawsko village is located on a large lake Jasie?, surrounded by mixed forests, ideal for hiking, biking, horseback riding to the example of, because of the flat terrain, wide roads and trails stretching for miles through the forest.

Modre lake and woods

The forests are also a lot of small very beautiful lakes (Lake Modre captivating its emerald color), lots of delicious berries, blueberries, cranberries and wonderful fungi.

Lake Jasie? and seven islands and beaches

On the lake Jasie? seven islands, several water sports equipment rental and several swimming pools - in the ?upawsku two. The lake is a breeding place for swans, cormorants, herons and many other rare species of water birds. There's a quiet, peaceful and serene, as if time stood still, who once was there, he wants to come back.

River kayaking S?upia

The possibility of organizing a river canoeing S?upia, less than 3 km from the accommodation.

Lovely place for a holiday

Ideal conditions to regenerate and escape from the bustle of everyday life are there at any time of the year, which as we know is specific and has a priceless charm. If you like beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, forests, lakes, peace and quiet, a perfect place for you.